Cross-cultural Communication - agile leadership up-skilling

Those of us who have travelled much might think that we have a strong understanding of culture. We might even think that we know a fair amount about how different cultures manage business. And, quite possibly, it has helped us, as leaders, make better decisions. Yet, true cross-cultural understanding offers more than a glimpse into national idiosyncrasies. It offers a level of self-evaluation and understanding which is essential in today’s increasingly complex business world.

At times, leaders make decisions on the basis of their own culture rather than on the basis of the cultures around them. Yet, more often than not they make decisions on the basis of their lack of understanding of their own culture to the detriment of those around them and their business.

As leaders do we decide on the basis of fairness, logic, community benefit or simply intuition?

Why do we make decisions the way we do?

In an increasingly global business environment, which sees pressures for greater diversity in companies across the western hemisphere, economic uncertainty brought on by far-reaching decisions such as, Brexit, the demand for greater gender equality, the need for more innovation, digital know-how, artificial intelligence and ever-increasing budget-constraints, organisations and their leaders will need more agility than ever.

It is here that cross-cultural communications training can provide a high-level of skills and preparation. Cross-cultural leadership skills do not simply offer understanding of various national cultures. Rather, they offer a platform from which individuals learn how to assess their own tendencies, value others’ contributions and finally make decisions which hone, celebrate and maximise all that diverse teams can bring to the table, adding measurable value beyond the ordinary.

Contact me if you would like to find out more about Zeitgeist Communication’s Cross-cultural training for diverse teams. Our training is not exclusively for international teams, but for diverse teams and their leaders in all sectors

We offer on-site and off-site training for groups of 8 - 12 people. We also offer workshops for smaller teams and cross-cultural leadership coaching for individuals.