Why do entrepreneurs work late at night? Choosing work-life balance.

Yesterday’s report on BBC Radio Cumbria’s morning show with Mike Zeller highlighted the fact that many new business owners – entrepreneurs – work late at night and struggle to maintain a healthy work-life balance and tend to work late at night.

This is, in principle, correct. However, many entrepreneurs actually choose to work and send emails later in the evening. The reason for this often is their ability to structure their day around their family and lifestyle.

Jutta Devenish, Managing Director for Zeitgeist Communication, explains:

“Wanting to ensure I do have a balanced life-style, which to me means spending time with family, I make a conscious effort to do the school run and be around to listen to what happened during the school day help with homework. I love cooking and enjoy putting a good meal on the table and know how important it is for us all to sit together in the evening. It is therefore that I, as a business owner, generally choose to do some of my work and emails in the evening.

It is a conscious decision.

Running our own business is hard work, but it is exciting, it provides freedom to earn a living just as you desire and it gives us the choice of how to structure our day so we can have time with those close to us.

I run my own business - instead of being employed - because I want to provide my family with more than money. Time and the flexibility to work in the framework of your family life are key for entrepreneurs like myself. 

A late night doing emails is minor compared to time lost with family.