Blockchain - explained.

The Internet of things continues to evolve and continues to bring new business concepts to our doorstep. Often these concepts are born out of a desire to make life and business more efficient. Blockchain is no different. Blockchain’s promise is an offer of decentralisation of power and more transparency. Whether these will hold true, is yet to be seen.

At present, blockchain is still a somewhat vague concept to the majority of business owners. Yet, it is a development worth keeping an eye on. More information is becoming available to help us understand its benefits and pitfalls.

As a communications consultancy, we are always looking out for good examples of business communication.

Here two examples of excellent communication on the concepts around blockchain:

Blockchain at 5 levels of understanding

Bettina Warburg, co-founder of Animal Ventures and researcher of transformative technologies, recently explained blockchain at 5 levels of differing complexity. The video is a great example of engaging communication which not only informs, but challenges and intrigues viewers.

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist