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Four leadership errors which will lose you money

Thirdly:  identify or grow vision champions in the organisation. Challenge them regularly to identify, develop and measure opportunities in the organisation as well as the market that will help your team achieve the vision. Help them get off the merry-go-round of lack of direction.

Fourthly: Count the cost of not being clear. Review departmental business plans, assess these against your organisational goals and vision. Do not let teams loose until you are satisfied that the direction they are taking is in line with the overall direction. Evaluate and adjust ongoingly and compare cost savings and earnings across the organisation and cut activities which do not serve the vision. Here is your greatest cost-saving.

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Businesses and charities who fail to strategise – fail.

Let’s be clear. Strategy is not a ‘nice-to-have’. It is not a ‘will fit it in when I can’. It is the essence of good business. It meets leadership’s responsibility to deliver the best outcome, to show excellent financial management and outstanding human resourcing. Strategy lays the foundations for product development, change management and marketing campaigns.

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Blockchain - explained.

At present, blockchain is still a somewhat vague concept to the majority of business owners. Yet, it is a development worth keeping an eye on. More information is becoming available to help us understand its benefits and pitfalls.

As a communications consultancy, we are always looking out for good examples of business communication.

Here two examples of excellent communication on the concepts around blockchain:

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Hopeless at presenting?

If you think you are no good at presenting, the most likely reason is that you are thinking about the wrong person. You are focused on yourself, rather than your audience. You might argue that, in fact, you are thinking of your audience and that this is what tends to tie your tongue.

Truth is, however, that we tend to worry about what others think of us. We become self-focused, rather than focused on creating an experience which engages our audience. We want to be liked rather than wanting to provide our audience with something unique or special to take away.

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How thankful are you?

It is good for our minds and our businesses that we pause and give thanks. Thanks for the freedom we have in this country to do business, thanks for the many good relationships we build as part of our work, thanks for clients, big and small, for the food on our children's tables, thanks for business partners who work with integrity, thanks for the air we breath and our health which allows us to keep going. There is much to be thankful for.

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Our behaviour and communication is shaped by our culture

…cross-cultural communications training can bring tremendous insights and help professionals in diverse or cross-cultural teams overcome their communication barriers and help shape resilient and flexible organisations equipped to succeed in an ever more globalised and diversified working environment. 

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Do not hire me because I am a woman.

Our annual reports should not be filled with stats on numbers of women taking a role in the C-suite, but about real people, their unique characteristics, their abilities to encourage teams, their analytics skills, their go-get-attitudes and how we drive business as a result of bringing these unique talents together under one brand. Only then does it start looking interesting and only then will it attract more talent. It tells the available workforce out there that our company is exciting and that real and people rather than quotas make a difference.

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Celebrating 5 months of Zeitgeist Communication - much to be thankful for!

One of our core values at Zeitgeist Communication is THANKFULNESS. We have just passed the 5-month mark of our business and there is a lot to be thankful for! 

Our first 5 months have resulted in a wealth of friends and partners helping us grow our agency and making us better every day. We have set up a network of exciting professional creative talent across Cumbria and cannot wait to do more work them! Clients have come to us from retail, the arts, charities,  publishing, TV production, and the food and beverage industry. 

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Public Relations: Tilling the Ground for sales, marketing and fundraising success

Public Relations prepares the ground for your business activity. 

Public Relations offers organisations the opportunity to prepare and cultivate the ground they are operating in. Working with stakeholders, ensuring there is two-way dialogue and listening to their audiences allows PR practitioners to identify, create and foster a favourable marketing environment. Can the 'facebooks' and 'Amazons' of this day and age function without PR? No. 

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