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ITV Border filming on our client's site: Bringing people together

Zeitgeist Communication supported the planning application for this £10m development project through strategic communications planning, Public Relations support and ongoing Media Relations, including social media and event app communication.

Media coverage extended across the North West of the UK with weekly print and online coverage. National media and TV media coverage was also created and resulted in positive audience interaction locally, among national supporters and on social media. - Key to the ongoing communications process was an integrated communications strategy and a strong community focus.

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Off the record. Just don't.

It is like squeezing toothpaste out of the tube and then trying to put it all back without any loss or damage to either the toothpaste of the tube. You will not succeed. If you do not want information to be shared outside of your immediate circle, office or company, then don't share it - especially not with a journalist. 

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