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Leaders do not need more time - they need more focus

With the onslaught of messaging via emails, social media, the press and the communities around us, it can be difficult for leaders to keep a clear mind, stay focused, communicate well and deliver the performance required of them. Much is written about mental health and the need for self-care. And while not reducing these needs to any form of insignificance, it is also true that often, simple steps can help avoid a downward spiral.

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Hopeless at presenting?

If you think you are no good at presenting, the most likely reason is that you are thinking about the wrong person. You are focused on yourself, rather than your audience. You might argue that, in fact, you are thinking of your audience and that this is what tends to tie your tongue.

Truth is, however, that we tend to worry about what others think of us. We become self-focused, rather than focused on creating an experience which engages our audience. We want to be liked rather than wanting to provide our audience with something unique or special to take away.

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Cross-cultural Communication - agile leadership up-skilling

In an increasingly global business environment, which sees pressures for greater diversity in companies across the western hemisphere, economic uncertainty brought on by far-reaching decisions such as, Brexit, the demand for greater gender equality, the need for more innovation, digital know-how, artificial intelligence and ever-increasing budget-constraints, organisations and their leaders will need more agility than ever.

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Listening silently - cross cultural intelligence

As she explained what she had learned others were astonished. She had manged to sketch a picture of each of the participants and the team dynamics of such accuracy and insight and relay this information against the theories of Hofstede, Hall and others that the others were literally speechless. It seemed they only just realised she was actually in the same room with them.

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